Having a craving for appraisal and appreciation is, in my opinion, quite natural as a human being. I think everyone in some degree, wants to be appreciated by others. I do too. 


It feels so nice if someone appreciate you or what you do. That makes you happy and fulfilled. I try to show my appreciation towards others as often as possible, because I know it makes them feel nice and warm. Just saying thank you can change people’s mood and can empower them. 


Since I discovered Spirituality and more I become spiritual, the focus of appreciation shifted a little.

I get thanks for my hard work at places I work. I cannot help but work hard. I cannot slack and let others do the work. It may be a cultural thing or could be just my upbringing. People around me always worked hard. Hard working psych stayed with me. My boss likes me working hard as it saves her a lot. (in terms of pay per workload….)


It is nice to be appreciated for the work I do. But this isn’t enough for me any more. I want to be appreciated for me being me, for who I am. What I do is a part of me but not me as a whole. My soul want to be recognised. 


I received an e-mail from a person I met at a workshop. He thanked me for being me. I really felt it strongly. The word moved me. Now I realised just being me – a part of Divine / Creation / Source / the Universe – is worth a million. People actually appreciate for who I am, not for what I do. Such a nice feeling to experience 🙂