If we think the Universe is like a big picture, we beings are a part of the picture. Like small pieces of the huge puzzle. We exist to complete the puzzle. Without you, me and all others, the Universe is not complete. 


We all have something to contribute to the Universe. We all are essential part of the whole. We all have a role to play. We are vital to the whole Universe. 


Each of us comes from the same source, yet each of us are unique. We have unique talents, attributes, gifts, qualities which are incomparable with another person. It is like we cannot force a piece of a puzzle into a place does not belong. If we do that, we cannot complete a whole picture, right? Each pieces are so unique and have a place for itself. 


You, me and everyone share the essence of the source. Pure and light. Sometime, Life gets too tough and too busy, we forget about our origin and our reason for being here. 


Appreciate everyone’s contribution to the whole Universe. Life is amazing. We are all worth it.