I have been writing about my headache in my blog entries ( here and here).


This sensation comes and goes. When I do my energy healing or concentrating about spiritual stuff, this intensifies. During meditation, I feel it a lot.


Now added to the head pressure, I have ear ringing. It is like having a live cicada inside of my ears. I had this for a while. I just started to notice its relationship with my headache. My ear rings more with more head pressure. Ringing also has shapes. It moves with the energy. With my chakra spins, the ear ringing spins too. I do not know why.


I read in some books, it is a sign of Spirits talking. I still haven’t comprehend it yet. Maybe one day it makes sense.


I am learning to control this head sensation. I listen to the ear ringing more closely. I am enjoying the tingling sensation I get on my palms and feet. This is part of me trying to adapt to the energy shift of the Earth as well as my own development. Instead of trying to fight against it, I accept and enjoy the company 🙂


If anyone can shed a light on this subject, I welcome any input 🙂