I keep getting this word “Trust” in my mind. 


Trust the Universe to bring what you request. Trust things happens at the perfect timing in the perfect way. Trust our own unique abilities. Trust we are all here to offer a piece of Divine. 


This is actually hard one to tackle. My issue with my own ability make it difficult to trust myself. Am I doing the good thing? Is what I am doing actually working? Is my healing effective?  Doubt creeps in and Trust goes out. 


Once we completely trust the Universe and ourselves as a part of the Universe, we can manifest our divine gift easily and perfectly. We can re-unite with our original self, with our monad and with our star origin. 


Finding the purpose in the life

Believe we can deliver what we are here to do

Trust our own unique gifts and talents are perfect

Surrender to the Universal order

Love what we do and enjoy what we do

Grateful for being here on the earth and everything around us


Trust we are One with All. We are all worth it!!