Happiness. Joy. 

We want to experience these positive feelings all the time. It is easy if we know what brings us joy and happiness. It is easy if we know the feeling of Happiness, Joy and Love. 



During the time when I used to be angry, sad and fearful, I just did not know the feeling of being happy. I went down the spiral of negative vortex and stayed there for a while. I was just churning these negative emotions all the time and did not seem to know how to get out. It was such a dark time for me. I was joyless and loveless. My heart was shut. Emotionless. Life was dull. I was just living dead, doing the same thing day after day without any emotional changes. All the emotion I was feeling was negative – anger, sadness, fear. 


Once I managed to pull myself out of the negativity, things started to turn around. 

It took a long time for me to re-discover the feeling of happiness, because I forgot about it. I had to find the feeling again. I went through the period of self doubt and was scared of showing my emotions. My heart needed to be awaken and ice had to melt. 


I am learning to love and feel Happiness/Joy again. My heart started to open more and more. I started to feel “happiness and joy” more. Once I know the feeling, I can grasp and revisit again and again. I want to keep hold of the feeling, because it feels nice and make me smile. 


I know what the feeling is like. I know what brings me the feeling. Such a wonderful feeling to rediscover the positive side of life.