“To be completely effective in healing, you must have Divine support. In fact, you must hand over the healing to the Divine. So now we will do that by calling in all of the Divine energies. It is a conscious way that we step out of our small private issues and embrace the Divine issue, which is to expand, to grow, to become Whole.”

Quote from Divine Mother


Whenever I do my healing, this is my approach. I become empty and let the divine energy to take over healing session. Divine energy – reiki or whatever you call it – does what it does for a person receiving. It works wonderfully.


When I start to analyse or my brain kicks in, healing is not that effective. I can always tell when the energy flows nicely and effectively. Something else, not me, is taking over and something special always happens.


For some, it is very hard to grasp, but for some, it is an eye opener and true healing takes place.