Have you ever thought who you really are? 


We have a name. But it is not us. It is just a word associate with us. It is a title. 

We are a son/daughter/husband/wife/father/mother of someone. But it does not really represent us as a person. 

Our job is just something we do. It is not all about us. It is a part of us. 


We all carry so many different roles and masks every day. Each day, we could be playing a role of one persona. I can say, I am a mother of my son and a wife to my partner, and I am a therapist. However those words do not really tell who I truely am. My essence. My soul. It cannot be described in mere words. 


I do not want to be categorised. I do not just want to be a mother or a wife to someone else. Don’t I exist if this someone else is not there? Who am I really?? I thought I know myself, but more I think about it I do not know much about myself. 


Discovery of one’s true essence. Continues forever…..