Is it the place we reside? Is it the place where we are born or grew up? Where do you call “Home”? 


I used to think the place I grew up in Japan is my ‘home’. Then I thought the place I live now could be ‘home’ too. 


Once I really think about “home”, neither of these two places are the place I want to call “home”. I do not know why. The house I live now provides comfortable environment and I feel at home there. Whenever I go back to Japan, I can feel at home as well. But, it does not feel like the true “home”. 


It is hard to explain. Home feels somewhere else to me. I am not there yet. I do not think I found the place where I can be my true self, 100% comfortably my own self yet. Few places get close, but not quite there. 


I sense that “home” is inside of me. Within me. In my heart, there is Home. Home doesn’t have to be a physical place. does it?