I wrote about a client who had a terminal cancer in my blog entry.

We did two sessions and third session got cancelled.

He sadly passed away.


I only saw him twice. But the imprint he left me is enormous. He and his family must have known the time left wasn’t long. Everyone around him tried to make him comfortable, and they were providing cheerful atmosphere for everyone around.


There are so many things you can learn from a single encounter. Every person you meet and every situation you come across, they teach you something. They give you precious lessons and appreciation for Life and beyond. We cannot take anything for granted. Everything is precious. Every moment is precious. Nothing is waste.


I will treasure the time I spent with him – even it is mere two hours of our lives. He gave me something special to hold within myself. The experience taught me about gratitude and appreciation for simple stuff. Live life fully till the end. No time wasted.


When we pass over, we learn more than when we live.