I have had many career changes. Every time I got a new job, I told myself that this would be my ideal job. (kidding myself)  I guess I needed to experience all sorts of things before reaching to this point of my life. I think I finally found my true calling.

I am happy and blessed with my work and clients I meet. Like attracts Like. I must be attracting the kind of people who accept the type of healing work I offer. Otherwise they won’t find me, do they?

I have been seeing a client who is suffering from chronic headache for months. He tried every avenue to get better – visit to a doctor, getting MRI scan, accupuncture, herbal medicine……. A doctor told him nothing wrong with him and he must be stressed and having anxiety problem, and prescribed a medication. Medication!! I do not like that doctors just keep prescribing chemical cover-ups for people!!


this client somehow found me. He asked so many questions about my qualifications (why bother?) but I just suggested we meet up and try out what I do. That was two weeks ago.

Today was our 5th session. He was all smiling when he opened the door for me. He told me that he had two days out of 4 with no headache! He was so happy and uplifted. His aura was simmering nicely. I somehow knew this would be the case as I sensed some energy before arriving. My hands are tingling so intensely.

Having this kind of confirmation helps to assure a client of their progress. He now can see the end to his suffering. He is so relieved and starts to get a sense of having no pain. He can live and enjoy his life again.

I am so pleased. I am so honoured. I am so grateful to be able to give him something he was badly seeking for. I am so so grateful to be able to help and make a little change in someone’s life. It is a pure gift. Gift of life.

Seeing a client happy and positive gives me so much energy boost and I just want to keep doing what I do. I know I am enjoying my destined work.