Sometime, attitudes of people around you affect our mood, right?

We might be feeling fantastic, but if someone gives you a grief by being not nice  to you/ talk negative to you or about you etc……we get affected and don’t feel fantastic any more.  All of the sudden, the world turns to dark, low place.

It is hard not to get influenced by other people’s emotion or state of mind. Others might simply be feeling bad, sick or have other things in mind – which we have no control over. When others are not nice to us, we start to think “what have I done??”.  I would. I would think their bad moods are caused by me and whatever I did. I feel my heart shrinks and aura diminishes.

I know I should not take these things personally. Not all “bad” things are caused by my interactions with others. Thinking like I did something wrong does not solve anything! It just makse me feel worse.

Whenever I come across with this kind of situation, I try to detach myself from the situation and become an observer. Most of the time, it is not a personal attack, it is just they are having ‘off’ day. It is nothing to do with me.

If you are emotional/sensitive person and feel others’  energies attacking you, you need to be aware of the message – “It is YOU done something WRONG!” –  coming into the play. It will burst your bubble quickly and you feel so useless. I get the attack time to time. I am learning to clear myself from the situation quickly, empty my mind and fill my aura with light.

This is a hard one to master but it gets easier over time.