Many people want magic pills. Magic pills to make then feel better, remove all the pains and illness. 


I do not think they exist. 


Modern chemical pills are just a mask. They cover up the symptoms, hide them away and make people think they recovered. They do not tackle the bottom of issues, what is causing symptoms to appear. 


I tell my clients not to take a pill. If their pains get too bad and their body start to tense up, then I will recommend to take a little. Tense bodies do not do any good for our health. Energy does not flow when the body is tense. 


My therapy is focused on self healing. I am sure every one of us here on the Earth know what is the best possible health is for us. We were once aligned, balanced and perfect. Our physical body get affected by all sort of energetic/mental/emotional/physical attacks every day. If untreated, we feel unbalanced and start to see physical symptoms (manifestation).  


We all know how to heal ourselves. We just forgot how to do it.

When I work with my clients, I just become the empty vessel to let divine energy work through me. It will trigger client’s self-healing mechanism. I do not pass on my judgement. I get guided to do things which are unique to each client. All the work is done by the spirits and clients. I tell clients they have the ability to remedy whatever causing them discomfort and feel balanced again. I don’t tell them I can fix/heal them. Because I do not. They do. I am merely helping or guiding them to find their healing ability. 


People rely on outside help (eg. doctors, medicines, and other medical people or therapist), and think that those people can heal them. I think ultimately ‘we can heal ourselves’. Leave it like that.