The book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne has been around for a while now. Lots people knows “Law of Attraction” these days. Positive thoughts create positive outcome in your life. You think what you want, believe the wish will be delivered and WOW! the wish come true!! 


This is very true. Whatever we think actually come true – even negative ones. 


Last few days, I had few cancellation from my clients. Last minutes cancellations are a bit tricky. I allocate bookings and sometime I have to decline other clients because of the time issue. So, if I get a last minute cancellation, I kind of miss out. 


I was thinking about this today. How did I create this situation? Somehow, I must imagined or thought about people cancelling their bookings. Our thoughts are wonderful weapon. It can create anything you want. I must have created these cancellation. I cannot remember doing it……



I decided to make more positive wishes. My clients honour their bookings. I do my best to find a suitable time for each client. I look forward to seeing them and they look forward to seeing me. All is well! 


Every day, every moment, we think and we create. Watch your thoughts!