Coincidence – remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances, apparently by chance. 

Synchronicity – the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance and that are observed to occur together in a meaningful manner.



English is not my first language. So, I am not sure those two words are the same. To me, they have different feeling to it. When we are in the flow of things, synchronised events happen around us. It is like the Universe is sending us messages through occurring coincidental events. They do not happen by accident. It is provided and guided by the higher source. 




what I wanted to write is about me and Lemuria relationship. As I mentioned the other day, I have a strong affiliation with Lemuria. Once I found out about the lost country, Lemuria things just kept coming at me. I think this is synchronicity happening. 


About mid last year, a friend of mine gave me a crystal. She had a bag full of crystals to give away. She presented a paper bag in which crystals were invisible to us and asked me to pick one from it. 


This is the crystal I picked. We did not know what it was, so I just put it in my crystal box with my other crystals. 


I got a txt message from this friend the other day. 

She found out the name of this crystal.          Aqua Lemuria.


Yes!! Lemuria!!! Aqua Lemuria!!! WOW.


I googled to find out about aqua lemuria.

“This new gem material, recently discovered in Indonesia, carries the energies associated with the fabled ancient land of Lemuria.  It is said to enhance clairvoyance, to assist in recall of ancient knowledge and to increase capacities for empathic healing.”  (see more info through the links below)


Lemuria just keeps coming back to me. It is so interesting. I do not call this coincidence. It is synchronicity to me.