I Love the Sun.


It makes me feel so positive and active. Uplift me totally. I just feel happy in sunny weather. 


I want to be like the Sun. 

The Sun always shines. Shines everywhere and for everyone. 

It does not stop shining. It does not discriminate people or places. The Sun is always there for all to enjoy. 


The Sun can bring out smiles on people. It can give us a boost of energy. 

(You might be thinking “what about the solar flares causing havoc to our physical and mental health?”. Solar flares might cause temporary issues but overall they are helping us to ascend.)


It would be so nice if I can be like the Sun. I will shine for people – no matter the race, age, gender, personality and belief.  I would like to be the person who can give light and hope. I can be the light in the dark. I can be the light to give positive influence on people and places. 


The Sun and the Moon. Two peas in a pod. 

I appreciate the Moon more as I become the Sun. 


I learn so much just by looking around the nature.  The Sun is my inspiration. I shall do my best to be like the Sun.