A family friend passed away the other day. He was gone during the sleep, which is a kind of nice way to leave the body. No struggle.


My heart goes out to his sons and long-time partner. I do not know what they did the day before, what he said to them. Maybe “good night” might be his last word. 


If you argue with a partner or a family member and then the person dies, what kind of emotions do you feel? You are sad, upset, and maybe regret the last encounter? Should have been nicer to them? Want to say sorry? 


It is important to realise the moment you have now is the most precious of all. We cannot change the past or live in the hope for the future. I do not want to imagine I would discover my partner’s empty body and I would regret not being nice to him the day before. We do not know what happens next, so enjoy the everyday and every moment of our lives. 


So, make the most of today. It won’t come back.