There are so many different ways we receive messages from the spirit world. Some can hear, some can see and some can feel or just know. 


I start to think that the headache thing I experience is some kind of message receiver. I do not know what exactly, but I just feel this way. 


I have a part time job at a cafe. Whenever I work there, I put my mask on – I become a so-called ‘normal’ person who live in 3 dimensional world. Today I was busy working away, and I forgot about my tight squeeze on the head. My focus shifted from the spiritual realm to the material world. I lost the headache. 



during my lunch break, I thought about Isis and Quay Yin. 


Guess what! My headache came back. I was thinking of my goddess, and my forehead got the squeeze! 


Is this the way I receive messages from the universe? I feel so. I just realised that this sensation happens everytime I think about spirit world / doing energy healing / meditating / just be myself. 


Something to think about……