As I wrote few days ago, I have been experiencing the head squeeze sensation for a while. The solar flares might be affecting the intensity of this sensation. I do not know. 


I am closely observing this headachy sensation, see if I can get some messages through. I feel that the shape of this tightness around the head is changing. It felt like squeeze around the skull and push on the crown before, now it feels more on the forehead. It is not on the third eye – between the brows. It is hard to describe but it almost feels like a disc or a ball sitting on my forehead (like a funny hair piece).


A friend of mine mentioned that she felt a strong energy coming out of my forehead – like a unicorn. 


I feel that my energetic head is changing its shape. It is getting bigger and longer. Sometime I feel like I have another head on top of my physical head. I would like to find out how Atlantian/Lemurian looked like. Maybe they had a big frontal lobe? Did they wear head pieces like what I am feeling? 


My investigation on this subject continues.