I started to seeing this new client. He has a terminal cancer. I did not ask what kind of cancer he has, but from I can see, it must be a throat. He cannot eat or drink. He has a feeding tube on the stomach. He is in pain and carrying a bag of morphine.

I am blessed to meet him and be able to give him some relief from the pain he is in. Simple act of human touch release his tension. As he cannot speak clearly, I was not sure if he was feeling ok or not. But I got his thumbs up, so it must be working. I get to see him every week. Opportunity like this makes me humble and want to keep doing what I am doing.

On the way home, I was feeling the real appreciation of today’s encounter. I appreciate mere act of eating food. Taste, sound, texture of the food in the mouth. We take it for granted. I appreciate the life. I appreciate the freedom to do things I enjoy. I appreciate the sun on my skin.

Things we do not think too much about……when we lose them, we realise the importance.

We really need to stop and think what we have now, and say thank you to all.