Sometime October or November last year, I learnt a new word – Lemuria.

I did not know anything about Lemuria. I did not know it was a place existed long time ago.

I had a reading with the lady who can access one’s Akashic record. I asked her who my guides are and she told me one of them are Lemurian. (I have about 6 guides working with me. Crowded house!)

So, I went to do some research about Lemuria and Lemurian. Thanks to the internet, I got few information about it. I felt instant connection with Lemuria. I like the sound. It sounds and spells like my real name.

From then on, I started to encounter (or more like attract) Lemurian stuff.

I attended the workshop at Coromandel in January this year. There are so many connections with this fallen country. We discovered that all attendees had lived in Lemuria. I was surprised to find out that I was there! Actually, I was surprised but somehow I knew this is the case. Deep inside of me knew that I had once lived there. I was a Lemurian. So cool~~!!

I came across a lemurian seed crystal, which I fall in love instantly and bought it straight away. I use this crystal whenever I do my work.  (I am a massage therapist and reiki practitioner by the way.) It seems to enhance my energy and bring out something special. Lemurian seed crystal and moldavite are the ones I always carry with me.


Then a couple of month ago, a psychic friend of mine gave me a message from Lemurians. I can now access to their healing techniques. It allows access to all 12 dimensions. I still do not know how I suppose to use it or what it is but I feel humble knowing it’s there when I need. I use it when I need extra boost.

The fallen country. Ancient civilization before Atlantis. I feel the close connection with it. It might be why I choose to live in New Zealand. The call from my beloved country.