Ever since I received my first Reiki attunement, I get a tight feeling around my crown. I call it ‘headband headache’. It is not migraine, it is not ordinally headache, it is different type of sensation. It is not pain. It is more like tight squeezing sensation. 


I think I get my headband headache whenever I focus on spiritual matter. I feel like the spirits are trying to communicate with me or wanting me to give some sort of attention to them or situation. I kind of like this sensation. I do not feel anything nasty. 


The sensation is getting much stronger now. When I attended the workshop by Judy Satori back in January 2012, this sensation got stronger. It changed from mere squeeze around brow/temple/crown area to pulling toward the sky sensation. Sometime it feels like someone is pulling my neck out. I feel my neck stretched out. 


I went to a Lightworkers Forum last night. We had a guest speaker who is a shaman. He did a shamanic healing with his drum for us. My headband headache intensified since then. I feel it more towards the forehead. The feeling of a disc or a ball is coming out of my forehead. Hard to explain. 


My own interpretation for this is;

my consciousness is expanding but my physical body structure is too small to accommodate. It is not skull pushing inwards. It is more like something inside trying to come out and the skull is getting in the way. 


I wonder if anyone can shed some light on this subject….