I have been trying so hard to be someone else but me for long time. 


When you are on the spiritual journey, you meet so many other people with gifts of hearing, seeing, sensing and knowing. Gifted psychics. They get messages clearly and be able to communicate with the spirit realm.


I am not one of them. 

I get quite jealous with people who can receive messages in visible way. (I mean by hearing and seeing.) I meditate and clear my mind to hear or see in the third eye what the spirits got to say. Nothing would come to me. I get frustrated, wondering why the spirits not talking to me, why I do not get any visual message through. 



Then came the realisation. 

I am not mean to receive messages in this way. I am more ‘sensing / feeling / knowing’ type. I kind of pick up something invisible by laying my hands or just feeling the energy around me and other people. Some people are hearing/seeing type, some are not. We all have different talents and strength. We can all run. But some people are good at short distance sprint, some are good at marathon. We are not mean to be good at everything, right?


I have been envious of others with other types of spiritual gifts. I was basically trying to be someone else. Somewhere within me, I thought I was not good enough. Other people were better and more talented than me. 


Now I know this is just creating a barrier for my spiritual growth. Expectation can act as a block.

I am more comfortable now with my own unique talent. I am me. I am unique individual who has unique talent to offer to the world. I am not the same as others. I do not need to. 


I celebrate my uniqueness. This is helping me to step into the new territory and moving me forward. I am discovering something special along the way.