Going through ups and downs in life. 

When we are high and things just go so smoothly, we feel happy and joy. 

When things go pear shape and we feel negative, we wonder why everything and everyone is against us.  We fear for the future and regret the past.  


I used to think I was a failure during those down time. I blame myself for not doing good enough, stupid, life is not fair  etc….. Why I cannot get things right and be successful??


I got sick of going through ups and downs. 


Now I have a coping mechanism. I treat the down time as me doing ground work for the next growth.

I think myself as a tree. When things are not going well or things are quiet, me as a tree is storing energy and spreading the roots. This is the ground work. My roots are getting bigger and wider, and providing the good, strong foundation for the tree to grow. A tree needs a strong root system to grow big and strong. Good foundation provides the tree to shoot up high. So I spend down time to make my foundation strong, then I can shoot high up to the sky! 


We need quiet (down) time to gain strength – which gives us more energy to grow and move forward to the new level. We can also give the tree (us) some fertiliser (nurturing) to give energy boost 🙂 


Be the tree and get more energy from the mother earth!