I have two chickens in my garden.

They like to be broody and does not want to lay eggs. Sometime they do lay but most of the time they just like to sit in the cozy little chicken house. (which used to be a rabbit hatch.)


I am learning a lot from my chickens.

Nature works the way it does. It is always in a perfect order and all aligned with the Universe. I cannot simply hurry my chickens to produce eggs just because I want to make an omelet! They just behave the way the nature intended for them to be.

Chickens lay eggs. They sit on an egg to hatch. It is just a mother nature way. Even we take an egg off them, they think it is still there and want to sit. Sit and sit till they think the invisible egg hatches.

You cannot punish them for being broody. We certainly do not want to kill them for a dinner (I am vegetarian by the way). We just have to have them as pets. They are cute.

So after a month of sitting down and hiding away from us, I was delighted to see my chooks out in the garden this morning! It is time for them to start giving us nice organic free-range eggs again! It is worth a wait.

Animals are the zen masters.