I get asked “where are you from” so many times.

Yes I know I look different from others. I am not white European New Zealander. I am Asian.

Most people cannot tell which country in Asia I am from.


Anyway, I got used to be asked this. I often answer “I am from Wellington”.

Then people say “no, no, where are you originally come from?”.  What? Originally? 


To me it does not matter where you are from. We should not categorise you or steleotype you.  I don’t normally ask what job people hold or how old ….etc. Because it should not matter. A person you meet is a person, full stop. Other information can influence your opinion about this person. It just add another title to this person. I rather not know a lot about a person to actually get to know him/her well. 


I do not get offended by this type of questions anymore. I used to though. I get pretty annoyed with the question. (remember I was angry as hell then.)


Where am I come from?

I am from the same place as you are from – the Universe. We are one and all. We look different but we are same. We are from the same source. Maybe next time I might answer “I am from here, the Earth. Actually I am from Lyra.”. (This will stop them asking too many questions. haha.)


ps. My ethnicity is japanese.