My partner is not a spiritually minded person. He thinks he is the last person to feel anything “spiritual”.

However, he does not question or ridicule my quest for answers. I talk a lot about weird things to him but he just listens and supports me whatever I do. This is why I can keep doing what I do now. (very selfish, eh) I think he might be an undercover too.


So, today, he got us this beautiful Himalayan Salt lamp. He knows I am into Pyramids, hence this shape. I wanted a himalayan salt lamp for a while but I haven’t managed to purchase it yet. It is so handy my birthday is  coming up soon 🙂    I am manifesting my wishes 🙂



This lamp is sitting next to my Ms.Kannon.  This is my special table. My house is too small to have a room dedicated to my spiritual goodies, so the table is the space for my meditative stuff.  One day I will manifest a room for me……



ps. the funny iguana looking thing next to the lamp is made by my son for his school art project. I think it is a Taniwha.