It was 2008. 

I finally turned around and decided to be happy.



I was very angry and unhappy. I did not know why. I was making me and people around me miserable. I wanted to be ‘right’ all the time. I just existed day after day. I went to work, did my work, came home, argued with family…..  Thing is, I thought I was right and everyone else was wrong. My unhappiness was someone’s fault. I blamed my partner, stepsons, my boss, work, customers etc…..I did not blame me for my anger.  So, I stayed like this for a while without thinking of any other way. 


One day. I got sick of this – being angry. 

I went to a book shop and found “The Power of Now” by Ekhart Tolle. 

This book changed my life. It changed me dramatically. I read and re-read this book, and started realise that I was the one making myself and others miserable! It wasn’t anybody else causing this problem. It was ME! 


With this realisation, I decided to implement what Ekhart Tolle discribed in the book. Focus on here and now. No such a thing as yesterday and tomorrow. Just now. 


So my spiritual journey began.