I have not visited this blog page for ages.

The stage of my life with “Be at Peace” has shifted to the next stage. Now I have another blog site called “Creative Calibration”. 

Thank you for reading / following / liking my blog so far. Please check my new site. It will be more channeled messages from the beings I have been chatting with and more thoughts I have been pondering. It is good to have a place where I can share freely with others without hesitation.

Look forward to catching up with you on the other side!



I met this lady who carries so much collective consciousness with her.


She has been feeling a little off, bit depressed, not feeling herself. I had a privilege to offer her healing today.


I picked up so much sadness. Not her own but others. She has been carrying so much of other’s feeling and took them as hers. She even felt responsible for other’s feeling. Like she caused them to feel negative way.


It was very interesting to see how collective consciousness affect individual. We sometimes do not know why we feel certain way. We may be picking up other’s emotion instead of ours.


Sensitive people need to be more careful protecting our individual space. We do not need to carry other’s burden.


When we decide that no longer serves us, it is the time to let go,  spread our wings and fly high!!

I have been working as a massage therapist for a while. How the body moves, works and handle its pains/tensions…….has fascinated me.


I went to a course today to learn a new technique/modality for body therapy work.

I did not enjoy as much as used to. Or shall I put it this way…..it did not resonate with me as much as other modality.


I cannot really explain why I felt the way I felt. I just did not ‘click’ with the course. I learnt great deal from the course and this new knowledge can help me with my work. The course was so much focused on anatomy and muscle system. People at the course was using all the terminology from textbooks and I found it boring as. Why do you need to use such difficult words? Can you just use lay-man’s vocabulary? I felt it was like “I know this big words!!” egoistic world.


Don’t get me wrong. The course, attendees, the instructor were so knowledgeable and lots to contribute. I just found a bit different from how I want to approach things.


I am not sure where this blog is heading to……..

I like to say, the direction and focus on my work is shifting. That is for sure.

Today was the most intense emotional release day for a while.

It started from the morning when my partner suddenly decided to change today’s plan. He managed to push the right bottom all day long!!


One thing hit me the most ……

We went to a shop selling all sorts of spiritual things. We decided to get a book each and I went to a counter to pay for it. A woman came to us and asked my partner if he ever read books by Wayne Dyer. Yes we have few books by him and Wayne is my partner’s favourite author. This lady kept talking to him and she completely ignored me. I was standing next to him but in her eyes I was non-existant. I tried to talk to her but she did not return me any eye contact. Then she kept telling him about she went to a cruise with Wayne, attended his workshops etc…. I told him and her we were in his mailing list but she insisted to give him the information of Wayne Dyer’s workshop.


This experience brought up so many things to me to let go of. ‘Being ignored’ is still holding a negativity inside of me. I experienced people ignore me as I was not there often. I wondered why this is the case. I think I still hold old patterns attracting this kind of treatment.


I remember writing about invisibility in a previous blog post. Invisibility is not a negative thing, it is a positive thing. People cannot see you because you are too bright for them. Your light is too shiny and they get blinded.


I believe that. It is not something negative. It is something positive. Maybe she is at the same wave length with my partner, not mine.


Now I am sitting down and writing my thoughts down, I feel much much clearer. I got annoyed with my partner at that time. I think I was annoyed with myself more than anything. We still go through these teaching every day and learning thing along the way.


The time between two lunar eclipses brings up so many layers for us. Good to release old and invite new.


Gosh I have not posted a blog for a while! I have been having ups and downs lately and did not know what to write…….


Beautiful full moon we just had. The energy of the day was so calming and inspiring to me. I had felt clarity of my being and lots of ‘a-ha’ moments.


I was helping out my friend’s workshop on the full moon day. I was in the background, organising morning tea/lunch/afternoon tea etc….   I enjoy this kind of work. I love being in the kitchen. I love creating yummy food and seeing others enjoying the food I offer.


Anyhow. I wondered why I felt such a joy doing the work some people think – slaving in the kitchen.


The answer came to me quiet instantly by Thoth.

I heal people through FOOD I create. Food is energy and living being just like us Humans. When I pour my passion and joy into energy beings, I can change DNA formation in them. I can make them lighter. When I create food, I somehow manage to make it as “light” food. And people who consume benefit. This is healing through food.


I do enjoy healing on physical beings. I access energy matrix within us and re-align our DNA structure. I noticed that I do the same to Food! This was my ‘a-ha’ moment.


Thoth also told me that I can spread Light to mass population in this way. People who might not seek for Healing need to eat! Through food, they receive healing! How wonderful is that!!


We can do this. Anyone can do this. We just need to pour our love into food when cooking. (Did you notice that I like using the word ‘creating’ instead of ‘cooking’?)


Bon appetit 🙂





I have been chatting with Goddess Isis more regularly these days.


Whenever I invoke her, I get this massive energy surrounding me from the behind. I said to myself the other day “Oh this is so powerful!! Feels amazing! You have such a wonderful energy”.



I heard someone answered me back.


“No, it is not my energy that is powerful and amazing. It is YOUR energy that is powerful and amazing. Energies need to resonate in order to ‘feel’ and ‘understand’. That means my energy and your energy carry the same frequency that is powerful and amazing.  I am a part of you, and you are a part of me.”


This word came from Goddess Isis.


Anytime you feel amazing energy, you also radiate the same amazing energy. This is so true.


I feel so wonderful when working with the energy of Goddess Isis. Such a warm high vibration. When I invoke her, I feel her wings embracing me from the behind.


I have a tattoo of wings on my back. I feel that Isis energy emerging from the tattoo and envelope me with her energy. I had this tattoo for a while but the energy I am feeling now is pretty new.


I wonder if this is related to the new tattoo I recently added. I got Ankh between my wings now. Few months back I just had the urge to get Ankh on my back. This is my impulse purchase! This could have opened up the connection with Isis?


Actually the connection was established after receiving the attunement for the course I study now. Isis-Sirius Alchemy Healing Course by Amara Tia Ann.



After receiving the attunement and practiced few times, I am now able to recognise and connect with Isis and Sirian energy more efficiently and effectively. This is such a comforting feeling. I am embraced by such wonderful energies.


So I guess me getting the tattoo of Ankh could just be a coincidence. Or was it??

As a kid, I used to feel/see a dome over my body. While I was lying on my bed, I used to see the ceiling started to change its shape and started to form circular shape. Some times it is pressing against me, like a huge ball was coming down from the ceiling. Sometime, I was encased in a huge ball, expanding out. I still remember this sensation.


Last night, I was lying on the bed in dark, glazing my eyes at the ceiling. I was in meditative state, half sleep, half awake. Suddenly I remember the reshaping of the ceiling I saw as a kid. My bedroom ceiling started to vibrate. I could see energies moving around. It did not form a ball, but it was certainly radiating energies.


I do not know what it was or what happened. I just remember about my childhood and the experience I had in my bedroom. I wonder if I am re-membering something……..

It suddenly came to me……


When I was young (age less than 10), I got bitten by a dog who was bigger than me. Ever since, I had had dog phobia. I just could not go anywhere near dogs, especially big ones.


In later 2009, this changed. I was working at the place where the owner would bring her dogs in. She had one small dog and one larger one. I trusted the owner and her dogs would not harm me. I started to get used to dogs around me. At the same time, I could not go near big dogs who I did not know.


Then All of the sudden, I wanted a dog of my own.

Strange, strange. People who knew I had dog phobia thought it is very unusual for me to own a dog!!!

I ended up purchasing a dog from a local pet shop. She is Almond, you can see her face in my profile photo. Now it is 2013. She has been with us for 3 years. She is a part of our family. I completely got rid of my phobia, and now loving every dogs I come across.


Lately, I am more engaged with Sirian energy. I am told I will be working with them for my healing work. I thought, it may be at around the time I started to lose my phobia and liking dogs, Sirians were making contact with me. Sirius – dog star, is telling me something here. Maybe more I spend time with the animal, more strongly I feel with their energy. I cannot conclude on this one, but I feel something inside of me shifted back in 209/10. This must be the beginning of my relationship with Sirian energy. I certainly believe that.


It has been very interesting few weeks. Last few days are even more intense!


I noticed that I am more open, soft and not afraid to show my emotions. I am not good at showing LOVE to others. It is easy for me to show my love and gratitude towards people outside of my family, but so hard to do towards my immediate family – namely my partner and son. (oh, actually includes my parents and my sister too……. )


Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. The day before, I felt immense urge to give my partner a card. Expressing my love to him. I normally hesitate to do this, as I think I feel embarrassed or something….  So, I gave him the card on the anniversary day. All day yesterday, I felt that my icy wall covering my heart was melting down and I can actually express my love towards the person! It’s a dramatic change for me.


It feels nice to be able to open the heart and be true to your feeling. I wonder if this equinox energy is helping to move things along…..